Venue: TU Wien, Gusshaus


Conference Venue

TU Wien - Campus Gusshausstrasse
Gusshausstrasse 25-29
1040 Vienna

About TU Wien

TU Wien is able to look back on a long tradition of scientific research and teaching, having been founded in 1815 as the k.k. Polytechnisches Institut, before being subdivided into 5 faculties in 1865. A year later, the first freely chosen rector was appointed. In 1872, the university was renamed the "Technische Hochschule" (Technical University), with the first-ever doctorates awarded in 1902. The current "Technische Universität (TU Wien)" name has been used since 1975. TU Wien attained full legal capacity as a result of the 2002 University Act. In 2015, the TU Wien was celebrating its 200th anniversary. (Text: TU Wien,

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