SEAA 2017 - Software Engineering for Start-ups

Call for Papers:
Software Engineering for Start-ups (SE4SU & IWSS)

Important Dates

Please note: special deadlines!

  • Paper submission: April 15, 2017
  • Notification of accepted papers: May 15, 2017
  • Camera-ready paper due: Jun 15, 2017


We live in a time when software start-ups are an important new branch of economic activity. The fields of these start-ups range from casual software on mobile devices (‘apps’) to critical business applications, and technological trends, such as cloud computing, mobile software development, open source software and global information sharing further accelerate the rise of software start-ups. They also enable new ways of starting up software business, such as fund crowdsourcing, global start-ups, and so on.

The global character of IT also leads to very high competition. In general, about 90% of the start-ups end up as failure. Yet, software in start-ups evolves faster than before. These start-ups are about creating innovative products and then finding the right market for them (and vice versa), and methodologies for them have started to emerge.

Some of the elements of successful software development approaches for start-ups include:

  • rapid prototypes designed to test market assumptions,
  • intensive use of libraries and frameworks,
  • using minimum viable products, with a series of planned updates,
  • user feedback early and often,
  • ability to quickly redefine focus of the start-up,
  • interdisciplinary approach to software development,
  • influence of social communities of start-ups.

Moreover, there are some key differences for software engineering in start-ups, including short time to launch, very intensive use of libraries and frameworks, potentially fast growth in number of developers/development team, and low budget software development, often building on open source tooling.

It is also the duty of higher education such as universities to cultivate entrepreneurship spirits in students. The question is how to effectively teach students to create software start-ups and how to nurture future software entrepreneurs.

The SE4SU & IWSS special session at SEAA’17 intends to bring together the technological, methodological and educational perspectives on software start-ups. The aim of this special session is to gather industrial and academic minds together to explore the potentials and synergies underlying these perspectives. The SE4S special session integrates the 3rd International Workshop on Software Startups (IWSS). Submissions for IWSS should also go to this joint SE4SU & IWSS session. IWSS is the annual workshop of the Software Startup Research Network that aims at spreading novel research findings in the context of software startup and informing entrepreneurs with necessary knowledge, tools and methods to minimise threats and maximise chances of successes.

As a result of the session, we should have a clearer understanding of which methods, processes and techniques can aid to the success of software start-ups.

To this end, we encourage people to submit their original research studies or their first hand experiences regarding the abovementioned perspectives. The topics listed below are only suggestive and serve to solicit more interesting related topics:

  • Analysis of Failure and Success factors of software start-ups
  • Context-factors for start-ups
  • Impact of new technological trends on software start-ups
  • Methodological approaches to start up development such as Lean Start-up
  • Case studies regarding software start-ups, their products and operations
  • Underlying theories/principles for software startups
  • Continuous experimentation
  • Requirements Engineering in software startups
  • Technical debts in Software startups
  • Agile approaches in software startups
  • Design Thinking in software startups
  • User involvement practices in software startups
  • Analyses, challenges and opportunities in funding software startups
  • Cooperate startups and evolution patterns
  • Startup Ecosystems
  • Teaching of Software Entrepreneurship
  • Curriculum development for software start-up education
  • Experience reports on start-up software development
  • Software Start-up’s in developing countries

Submission of Papers

SE4SU & IWSS special session will follow the general SEAA 2017 submission guidelines. We encourage submission of technical research papers (4-8 pages) and short papers (at most 4 pages). Papers must contain original unpublished work. The conference proceedings will be published by the IEEE Computer Society. The format is the IEEE two-column proceedings format (max 8 pages).

Submission will be handled via EasyChair:

Session Chairs

Michel Chaudron, Tommi Mikkonen, Jürgen Münch and Anh Nguyen Duc

Program Committee currently confirmed)

Pekka Abrahamsson, NTNU, Norway

Jean François Gauthier , Compass, USA

Tony Gorschek, Blekinge Institute of Technology, Sweden

Orit Hazzan, Technion, Israel

Joel Henry, Agile Data Solutions, USA

Sami Hyrynsalmi, University of Turku, Finland

Ronald Jabangwe, Dundalk Institute of Technology, Ireland

Fabio Kon, University of São Paulo

Norris Krueger, Entrepreneurship Northwest, USA

Paulo Lemos, University of Campinas, Brazil

Shlomo Maital, MIT, USA and Technion, Israel

Frank Maurer, University of Calgary, Canada

Claudia de Oliveira Melo, Thoughtworks, Inc., Brazil

Helena Holmström-Olsson, Malmo University, Sweden

Markku Oivo, University of Oulu, Finland

Rafael Prikladnicki, PURCS, Brasil

Syed Shah, SICS Swedish ICT AB, Sweden

Cleidson de Souza, UFPA, Brazil

Harry Yuklea, Technion, Israel

Xiaofeng Wang, Bolzano, Italy